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Idaho’s Ag-Gag Law Comes Under Scrutiny and PETA Awarded $250,000

I live in Idaho and I’ve been doing some research today and found that I missed this story from May, 2016.

In 2014 the Idaho Dairyman’s Association drafted legislation to make it illegal to film video footage of animal cruelty inside poultry, pork, and dairy farms and Idaho’s Governor signed it into legislation quickly thereafter. They did this under the guise of First Amendment rights and to protect personal property. This provided the animals on the farms no protection from being treated poorly by farmers.

Here is an article: NPR Story on Ag-Gag Laws

And the good news that in May a District Court Judge struck down the ag-gag law and directed Idaho to pay People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) nearly $250,000 to cover costs associated with a lawsuit they filed in Idaho.
Here’s the article about Judge Winmill’s decision in May: Ag-gag Warning to Other States

2398Rebecca Frye, director of education at Mercy for Animals, shows and undercover video of the conditions at Idaho’s Bettencourt Dairies in October 2012. Photograph: Brian Jackson/AP

Photo above  The Guardian article.