What The Health

I started my blog about a year ago and my life got incredibly busy and I took a long-ish break from blogging. Living a vegan lifestyle is incredibly important to me and there have been exciting things happening in the vegan world that I want to blog about. So, I’m happy to be back here and hope to find a few followers along the way.

Today, I learned that a close colleague adopted a vegan lifestyle about a month ago. As did her husband. I knew she was considering it and encouraged her to watch the documentary What the Health (available on Netflix). She indicated the documentary was the reason they opted to given a vegan diet a try. I am ecstatic! I’m no longer the sole vegan in my office. There are now four of us that eat a plant-based diet. Exciting!

At a recent family reunion, my Auntie Janet had a copy of the book What The Health, and she let me to start reading it while at the reunion and allowed me to hang onto it so I can finish it. I’ve watched the documentary twice and I’m getting even more information from the book in the opening chapters.

What the Health documentary

Find at http://www.WhatTheHealth.com or Netflix

Here’s what I knew, but am more sure of after watching the documentary:

  • One of the driving factors for Kip Anderson’s (from the documentary Cowspiracy) research was learning was when the World Health Organization announced a link between consuming processed meats and cancer.
  • An unhealthy diet can cause heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and obesity. People that changed to a plant-based diet saw significant improvements on their health in weeks!
  • We are being misled by organizations that claim to have nutritional recommendations for us. Kip Andersen, researched why the American Diabetes
    Association promotes meat and dairy, after hearing from physicians that a plant-based diet is a better option for optimal health, he found the ADA is sponsored by Dannon, Kraft, and Oscar Meyer. The American Cancer Society is sponsored by Tyson, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Taco Bell. The American Heart Association is sponsored by Texas Beef, Subway, Dominos Pizza,, Cargill, and Tyson Foods.
  • One egg is as bad as smoking five cigarettes. Gross.
  • Chicken is sometimes injected with salt. I’ve also seen videos of workers injecting shrimp with a chemical gel so they weigh more, thus, the store can charge us more. What a rip off.
  • All protein is made my plants. Animals eat the plants and people think they need to eat meat to get enough protein. We can get the protein we need from plants!

And those are just a few of the points made during the documentary. If you haven’t watched it yet I highly recommend watching it.

As a public health professional, and cancer survivor, I know the importance of disease prevention, and it’s my hope that the documentary opens the minds and hearts of the associations listed above. They are supposed to promote healthy lifestyles for Americans. I plan to monitor their sites to see if they begin to incorporate information on how a plant-based diet is now being promoted by leading physicians in the medical community.

I’ll sign off for now. I may post more about What The Health as I read the book!