Vegan Visibility

I just posted on Instagram and Twitter that I’m a vegan blogger. I started the blog a week and I realized that I probably need to promote it a little more if I want to make a difference and impact a few people along the way.

Promoting my blog makes me nervous. Why? I’ve been thinking about this all week. It makes me nervous because veganism is still considered extreme. When the reverse should be true. I see on other blogs and social media sites that the practice of eating animals is extreme. I agree with that 100%. It’s messed up that I’m nervous about posting my position on animals rights, a plant-based diet, and that I want to correct the damage to our planet. How did I h

As children we were taught to be kind to animals and to be gentle with them. After being weaned from our mother’s milk we are started on formula or introduced to cow’s milk…which should be for their babies. We are not meant to drink milk from a cow. And the dairy industry claims “milk does a body good,” when in fact, it really doesn’t. The countries with the highest dairy milk consumption have the highest rates of osteoporosis in the world.

Then, meat is introduced into our diet, when we would have been much healthier if we would have stayed on the diet we received as infants – rice, fruits, and vegetables. Remember those little Gerber jars of pureed peas, carrots, and bananas? We should have been transitioned into eating or drinking those foods without the insertion of meat and dairy into our lives.

Charlotte had the right frame of mind when she wanted to save Wilbur from slaughter on the farm, and it’s one of the most endearing, compassionate, and beloved books from my childhood. Charlotte’s Web had it right. james-cromwell

On a similar note, the movie Babe convinced actor James Cromwell to become an ethical vegan. Read more about his animal rights advocacy here: James Cromwell’s Animal Rights Activism  I’m adding the Farm to Fridge documentary to the list of shows I want to watch soon.

I got to this point by paying attention to what’s happening to our planet. Wanting to change my diet so cancer does not invade my body again.

I spent a long time this afternoon Skyping with my sister. We talked about how we are paying attention to everything going on in our world today. That there are some big changes coming. She knows how passionate I am about this lifestyle and she told me she’s thinking about cutting meat out of her diet slowly. I am overjoyed about it. “Baby steps, I’ll take baby steps,” she said, and that’s fantastic and a great way to start cutting meat and dairy out of your diet. I don’t want to be too pushy with anyone – including my very own “sissy”- but I KNOW it’s the right thing to do for optimal health. Both of us talked about our love for all animals, and she’s against animal cruelty, and talked about humane killing methods, and I told her straight out – that there is no humane way to kill an animal. There just isn’t. And we don’t have to kill another being for food. We get all the protein we need in a plant-based diet! We talked of meat alternatives and I raced to my refrigerator to show her one of my “roasts” made completely out of vegetables.

The plant-based food industry has moved from baby steps to giant leaps to create healthy food products because the industry recognizes that people are questioning the validity of using meat and dairy products to feed their family. Veganism is gaining popularity. I have to believe humans are evolving into a compassionate frame of mind and that soon everyone will see that a plant-based diet, free of GMO’s, are the healthiest way to eat, and the single best way to correct and reverse the harmful impacts animal agriculture has made on our planet.

Back to the main reason for my post today, it created quite a bit of anxiety for me to post on Instagram and Twitter that I started this blog. I did it because I follow many incredible animal rights and cruelty-free advocates on Instagram and I realized it was time to stop watching and start DOING something about it. Yet, it still makes me a little nervous to out myself in such a big/small way. Vegans are thought to be a little out there and extreme. But, I’m okay with that now!

Peace out!

Read more about the dairy myth here: The Dairy Myth



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