The Horror of Pig Crating

The Double Standards Related to Animal Cruelty is Aggravating to Me

Imagine this scenario – a dog is kept in a crate, in darkness for months on end, and ends up with sores from living in its own excrement, Upon learning about this situation animal control advocates are contacted and informed of this abusive situation. Upon learning of what is perceived to be an abusive situation people call for the owner to be arrested and fined.

Now, if you do not know about how pigs are raised for food in our country – it’s quite similar to what I’ve described in this scenario above. Pigs are kept in crates so small they cannot stand up, cannot turn around, and cannot give affection to their young. The are housed on dirty concrete floors and surrounded by metals bars that are inches from their body. Bill Maher wrote an article that was published in the New York Times about the crates pigs are raised in, and thankfully there are states that are changing laws to make crating pigs illegal. Here is the article:

Bill Maher article about Freeing Pigs from Crates

And instead of ending the cruelty seen in factory farms, people in the animal agriculture industry took action to make it illegal for anyone to film the abuse of animals by creating “ag-gag” laws! How does this even make sense?

I’ve seen dozens of clips of farmers and slaughterhouse workers kicking and punching animals – for reasons I cannot fathom. Surely it’s because the animal was not behaving. I would think that the threat of an animal activist group coming onto the farm may have kept some farmers from acting so cruelly, but now, because of the ag-gag laws they have free rein to abuse the animals without fear of retribution from the law. Now, factory farms can literally get away with abuse and murder without any repercussions.

This is what pig crating looks like:

One form of pig crating. The mother cannot provide any affection to her piglets.

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