About Me


My name is Denise. Yes, I am a vegan and hope you’ve landed here because you have the same mindset to free animals of cruelty, to take better care of our planet, and because you eat a plant-based diet.

I survived triple-negative breast cancer, the worst form of breast cancer because it’s difficult to treat and highly aggressive, and have been in remission since 2012. It is one of the many reasons why a plant-based diet makes sense to me – to improve my health and decrease the chances of cancer returning in my life. After six surgeries in 10 months, months of chemotherapy, and 31 radiation treatments, I know eating healthy food choices is optimal for me to continue to keep cancer out of my life.

I am in recovery and ended a long addiction to alcohol on November 15, 2015. To say that I’m grateful each and every day is an understatement. I find strength in a fellowship of like-minded individuals and am grateful they share the sunlight of the spirit with me.

I have been challenged with life experiences that have turned into blessings because they made me grateful to be alive. In my heart, I have created this blog to share my thoughts for being a vegan because I tend to shy away from really telling people exactly why I am so passionate about it – it’s for the animals, for the planet, and for my health.



If you want to reach me you can send an email to dofarrell68@gmail.com or submit a comment below.